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Corporate partnership between Industry and the government are encouraging development and use of innovative technologies that reduce industrial energy use, processing wastes and production costs.
Towards this objective of meeting the demand and the requirements of the New Generation engines, the Company(Abilities India Pistons and Piston Rings Ltd) have strategically adopted and created a structure which would cater to the needs of the present and the future by having a Research & Development Cell which would be working full time on the development of New Materials, New Processes, New Techniques and Technologies to reduce the weight, lessen the waste, enhance the Performance and be in readiness for the ever changing demands and needs of the Customers and keep abreast with the latest in Technology to be offered by adopting the Policy of “Anticipatory Compliance” in all the endeavors.

The focus on R & D is on the Development and understanding of the relationship of Aluminium Alloy composition and processing and its effect on the micro structure and properties to specific requirements and by adapting casting processes to produce” Low Cost Defect Free”, castings and establish alloy and tooling communication to reduce the number of variants and test practices.

wincast-simulationThe emphasis in the R & D is to validate the product on the Engine or the Compressor or whatever is the application as the case may be by having the facility installed for carrying out the performance and durability tests on the end product of the Customer for him to realize the value for money. This facility has been installed and it is planned to carry out testing with the active participation of the customers on whose end product the Company’s products (namely Pistons and Piston Rings ) are going to be used with mutually agreeable test conditions and acceptance levels for guaranteeing the “trouble-free” product. The primary idea is to generate a “Trust and Confidence” of the discerning Customers on the company’s product. This is being done strategically to meet and fulfill the Company’s Mission and vision and the Goals which the Management has set for the Company.

Of late the Company(Abilities India Pistons and Piston Rings Ltd.) has been getting enquiries from the Overseas Customers for the development of Pistons which are designed for compliance to Euro IV/Euro V and beyond, the Designs of which call for certain intricate shapes and contours incorporated in the Design of the Piston to match with the corresponding mating parts in the Engine or the Compressor to achieve higher degree of efficiency and render the design comply with the Emission Legislations.

The Company’s objective is to concentrate on the New Product Design and Manufacturing Methodologies by building prototypes of the samples and subject them to tests for their conformability of the Design, Material in terms of their Physical, Chemical and Metallurgical Properties apart from establishing their durability by subjecting these products on the Engines with the Engine testing facility which has been installed.

test-bedSince the mission of the Company is to be the First choice of the discerning Customers, a lot of efforts and research work becomes mandatory in terms of application of the knowledge to make the product reliable and efficient at a competitive price. The Company has realized the need for such Software for Simulation of the Foundry Processes and for assessment of the Product for its performance prior to its installation on the engine with studies conducted on the Piston and ring dynamics and the boundary lubrication conditions.

Towards this objective the Company has already identified and installed “WINCAST” software for the simulation studies on the Foundry processes.
In addition the procurement and Installation of the Soft ware for the Design and analysis of the Product (Pistons and Piston Rings) is on the anvil and will be done soon.