About Us

Abilities was incorporated in the year 1960 by Mr. R.S.Arora. Major Products manufactured by the company are Pistons Assemblies, Pistons, Piston Rings, high pressure die casting parts & special coatings etc. Earlier the company catered domestic demand for replacement market in 2 wheeler automobile segment only, till the year 1994.

The Company then became a vendor to OEM’s in 2 wheeler/ 3 wheeler segments & supplied products to reputed companies like TVS, Greaves etc. during the same time the company also started with its exports to Italy. Manufacturing facilities were upgraded in 1995 to meet international quality standards and yet again in 2004 and 2010. Today Abilities exports to 35 countries and its exports are close to 65%.

Reputation earned during these years has resulted into regular flow of orders, inquiries from corporates within the country and abroad. Encouraged by customer response.

Abilities provides a value product at a competitive price as we are OEM suppliers to China & Japan, where quality and price, both are of utmost importance.

Abilities has been provided with financial grant by DSIR to undertake R&D work to evolve new process of production of pistons employing pressure die casting route over gravity die casting process, which has now been implemented successfully for supplies to US & European OEMs.

Today Abilities India Piston and Ring Ltd. is a name that means reliability quality and value for money to customer in India and abroad. Abilities has to its credit development of a huge variety of models for chainsaws/brush cutters which places it in a unique position to the OEM. Since 1993 when it bagged on export order to Italy and France its global presence has grown to include countries in USA, Europe, Latin America, Asian and far Eastern countries.

Abilities has an eco-friendly state-of-the-art infrastructure spread over 20,000 sq m. to deliver the highest technology standards, an extensive product range, ISO/TS 16949:2009 & ISO 14001 & 18001 Certification, talented management committed to quality and a R&D centre with Engine Test Cell & flow analysis software.

Dear Friends,

Today is the world of tough competition, growing demand, need of quality & higher expectations from customers which are getting bigger every quarter. It is a very challenging & tedious job to meet all these requirements. To achieve all these everyone in the company from work man to managers & from shop floor to accounts each area needs innovative improvements.

Every company can put up new machines & technology but it is the people who makes the difference. It is the culture of the organization which defines the future of the company. In today’s shining world where work ethics are much more in place at shop floor and other areas but in developing countries like India we are still struggling to achieve these basic things. To motivate our man power at work we have performance & award- winning TEI initiatives which encourages them to work with dedication & commitment.

We as team Abilities take the pledge to not let the opportunities go by but work smartly, collectively and innovate ways to do it more efficiently which will ensure better future for our respective customers & the company.


Abilities vision is to be the most preferred choice by World Class Customers in coming years through QCD parameters, innovation & employee engagement

  • Sales & Profit Growth/Leadership

  • Strong Relationship with Customer

  • Preferred OE Supplier

  • Employee Development

  • Care for Environment and Society
  • Certification

    Abilities has an eco-friendly state-of-the-art infrastructure spread over 20,000 sq m. to deliver the highest technology standards, an extensive product range & is an ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO 14001 & 18001 Certified company.

    Key Milestones

    1982- Started OEM supplies to Enfield (Now Greaves)
    1982- Started OEM supplies   (TVS Motor Company)
    1995- Converted into Limited Company
    1996- Started production of Piston Rings
    1998- Acquired  ISO  9002 Certification
    2000- 1st Export of OEM Supplies to Europe
    2004- Acquired ISO/TS 16949 certification
    2005- Joined ACMA UNIDO Cluster program
    2006- Commenced Supplies to First OEM customer in USA
    2007- Joined ACMA  ACT  Advance cluster  program
    2008- Commenced supplies to first OEM customer in China
    2009- Received Export House certification from Govt. of India
    2011- Joined  ACMA  ACT Engineering Excellence cluster  program
    2013 – Acquired ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certification
    2013- Commenced supplies to Maruti Suzuki for 2W engines.
    2013- Commenced Supplies to OEM customer in Japan
    2014 – Achieved STAR Export House Certification from Govt. of India
    2015 – Silver Winner ACMA ACT Case Study competition – Innovation
    2015 – Gold Winner ACMA  Excellence in Export
    2015 – Certificate of Appreciation From ACMA For Excellence in Technology.

    Abilities has taken many initiatives towards Total Employee Involvement. It has also won a competition organized by Confederation of Indian Industry and received First Prize in National Cluster Summit in the year 2010.

    We as a company have taken 19 initiatives towards TEI that includes:- Employee weekly family visit, Annual family day function, Common uniform, Birthday celebration, R/O drinking water, CEO monthly address, Safety awareness, Care for the environment, Rewards and Recognition, Quality circles, Summer computer classes, In-House training sessions, Canteen, Kitchen garden, Talent development program, Dispensary, Tobacco and Pollution free company, Best employee of the month, Tea with the MD every Wednesday.

    Having taken this initiative has not only resulted in increased production and benefited the company but also helps us serve the associates for their development and progress.

    We often hear about how factories release gasses into the air, and how today’s technology and waste affect the environment by polluting it in every manner. Abilities takes initiative towards having a sound environment policy and also by doing this helps educate and create awareness among its employees and everyone associated with the company.

    Abilities does not consider environment awareness as an obligation but willingly makes an effort towards keeping its premises pollution free in every aspect. We also have converted the unused land into a kitchen garden where vegetables are grown and are also helpful in making the company self-sufficient for the in-house canteen. Our factory is hospital clean & garden green.

    We also celebrate 5th June every year as World Environment day where workers come up and speak about a safe and healthy environment & its importance. Abilities has repeatedly been focusing and encouraging on saying ‘NO TO PLASTIC’ within the company. Our company is also ISO 14001 certified.

    Our company policy on Environment Health and Safety states, we conduct our business in a manner that conserves the environment. It is our mission to be recognized by our employees, customers and community as a responsible business establishment commited to continual improvement and prevention of negative environmental, health and safety impacts from our business activities meeting legal and other requirements.