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Abilities manufactures pistons in the range of 30mm to 130 mm pistons, Used for many applications including 2&3 wheelers, air compressors, braking systems, agricultural equipment like brushcutters & chainsaws.We use many varieties of Aluminum Silicon alloys for the manufacturing of piston in Gravity and Pressure die casting.


Piston Rings

Abilities manufactures pistons rings in the range of 30mm to 105mm in various types materials including cast iron, ductile iron, SG iron and many of its variants. Its applications include 2&3 wheelers, air compressors, braking systems, agricultural equipment & gardening equipment like brushcutters and chainsaws.



We produce gravity die casting pistons & other gravity castings upto a weight of 5 Kg. Similarly we produce pressure die casting parts including pistons in all ADC alloys including ADC-12, LM-13, ADC-7, ADC-9 etc. and B390 alloy.
We have a 180 Ton & 250 Ton fully automatic machine with auto pouring & spray. We make our own dies & molds as we are a complete solutions provider for castings & machining.



Customer value driven approach

We strive to satisfy all customer demands& needs whether required or implied, to deliver in all aspects, namely Quality, Cost, Delivery & Innovation.

Practice of Lean Manufacturing System

To compete with the best in world one has to focus on only value added activities & single piece flow to keep costs down & enhance efficiency.

Quality Circles In All Departments

Continuous improvement is the motto we stand by, here every department looks to improve their performance whether in manufacturing or official work. AIM is to achieve Zero Defect in every process.

Employee Engagement & Involvement

This is the backbone of every industry as the company is only as good as its people. We spend many hours in training & employee motivation, whether be it be in-house or outside.

AIPAT A Glance

Abilities India Pistons & Rings Limited — a renowned name in Piston manufacturing Established in the year 1968 by Mr. R.S. Arora. Converted into a limited company in 1995.