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Techno Standards

AIP has the most contemporary technology, special purpose PLC & CNC machinery and state-of-the-art, computerized testing equipment.


Technology that is the latest globally, ensures that AIP delivers the best to its customers in India and abroad. The Company's Development Department is equipped with 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) facility - PRO-E for rapid development of new models of Pistons & Pistons Rings which ensures prompt delivery to our esteemed customers. Further we have prismatic milling facilities for making dies on our CNC vertical machining centre from Mazak, Japan. 

At AIP, each piston is manufactured to meet high efficiency and environmental consideration, which means higher levels of piston precision and durability for our customers. Each and every product at Abilities India is at once traceable right from customer feedback, through production processes to raw material and its source of supply. This helps us in analyzing any quality anomaly in detail.



CNC Camless CNC Camless Piston Oval Turning Machine


PISTON FOUNDRY with Semi-Automatic Casting Machines & MDU PISTON FOUNDRY with Semi-Automatic Casting Machines & MDU

  3D Computer Aided  Design (CAD) facility




 CNC Barrel Turning Pistons Rings