We often hear about how factories release gasses into the air, and how today’s technology and waste affect the environment by polluting it in every manner. Abilities takes initiative towards having a sound environment policy and also by doing this helps educate and create awareness among its employees and everyone associated with the company.

Abilities does not consider environmental awareness as an obligation but willingly makes an effort towards keeping its premises pollution free in every aspect. We also have converted the unused land into a kitchen garden where vegetables are grown and are also helpful in making the company self-sufficient for the in-house canteen. Our factory is hospital clean & garden green.

We also celebrate 5th June every year as World Environment day where workers come up and speak about a safe and healthy environment & its importance. Abilities has repeatedly been focusing and encouraging on saying ‘NO TO PLASTIC’ within the company. Our company is also ISO 14001 certified.

Our company policy on Environment Health and Safety states, we conduct our business in a manner that conserves the environment. It is our mission to be recognized by our employees, customers and community as a responsible business establishment committed to continual improvement and prevention of negative environmental, health and safety impacts from our business activities meeting legal and other requirements.